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Nov 3, 2013 6:00am PST
. and today new jersey governor chris christie is traveling around new jersey as he runs for re-election in what's widely seen as a test run for president himself. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. great to see you. >> morning, lester. >> schumer in his endorsement of clinton says she has his full and unwavering support. with her his party with vanquish ted cruz, the tea party republicans in 2016. i'm curious, does this start to sound like the beginning perhaps of a series of coordinated and carefully timed endorsements to give her candidacy a ring of invincibility or inevitability? >> yeah, i think you're right. i think that's the right instinct. as i talk to supporters of hillary clinton, they're unabashed about saying that she's running. that all signs point toward it. even though there are some who still cling to the idea that she needs to be persuaded to make the final decision, and maybe that's, of course, the case. but it's all lining up that way. i think she'll be very careful about an air of inevitability. that's what she had with barack obama, and we
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am PDT
democrats who have to seek re-election, mary landrieu, kay hagan. these are the folks that are driving this nervousness, savannah, because they're -- you know, the president's popularity rating hit an all-time low nationally in our poll. well, if it's 42% nationally, imagine what it is in arkansas, imagine what it is in louisiana, where democrats have to win re-election in order to hold control of the senate. so, that's what this is all about. they're extremely nervous and they think that health care could cost them control of the senate if this rollout doesn't improve very quickly. >> chuck todd in our washington bureau, thank you very much. >>> there is another revelation that has a lot of people in washington talking this morning. a new book claims top aides to the president, president obama, gave serious consideration to replacing vice president joe biden on the 2012 ticket. nbc's andrea mitchell has details on that. andrea, tell us what you know. >> reporter: good morning, matt. three years ago, their book changed the game with revelations ranging from sarah palin's private meltdo
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am PST
in the 2016 presidential election. two possible contenders. chris christie and hillary clinton are getting more attention. kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: this spot is the nutley diner. it is one of several spots christ see will make today. he says that the bigger the win tomorrow the better for his future possibilities. never bashful. governor chris christie thinks new jersey can send a message. >> we need to show the republican party and america that we can win again and guess where they will be watching on tuesday night to see if we win? right here in new jersey. they will be watching us. >> reporter: cruising toward re-election on a week-long bus tour, the destination may ultimately be the 2016 presidential race. voters bring it up at every stop. christie both relishes the speculation and tries to tamp it down. >> i will see what the future will be. i think people don't plan politics years ahead. >> reporter: but 2016 predictions are irresistible. even more mitt romney on "meet the press." >> that is the kind of popularity and the track record the republican party needs if we ta
Nov 2, 2013 5:00am PDT
jersey. there is an election there on tuesday. he wants to hold on to his job as governor. with these allegations that romney reportedly passed up on him because, quote, he was littered with land mines, any sense at this point what those alleged land mines could be and how they may possibly come out? >> you know, there's a lot of little things in there but none of them are really explosive. one is the fact when he was u.s. attorney he had a heavy expense account and spending too much money spending at the four seasons. i don't know this will kill anybody but it shows that romney didn't want to pick christie for a whole lot of reasons. >> any other reasons we should know about besides the four seasons? >> that is big. apparently romney would make fun of the governor's girth. he doesn't like people who aren't fit and who are late for meetings. look at the two guys when you see the stylistic and lifestyle differences. >> lot of differences there. >> the obama campaign as we learned looked at possibly replacing vice president biden on the ticket. i imagine that wouldn't probab
Oct 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
that elected us and there's too little of that spirit in washington that you see even today. >> and you have gone out of your way to praise the president. the imagine of you two touring the damage together. you said you talked to him every day for ten days after the storm and when you called him with a problem it got fixed in an hour. he seemed emotionally impacted by what he saw and would call you just to see what you were doing. contrast to what you also said about members of your own party in congress. why the difference? >> well, you know, i think sometimes these kind of crises bring out the best in an executive and i think that maybe what happened with the president at that time. but the fact is, you know me, matt. i call them as i see them and when people ask me questions i tell them the truth as i see it and back a year ago, the president kept his word to the people of new jersey and if i was asked about it i was going to say that regardless of the politics and be critical of my own party when they were coming up short for the people of new jersey. the bottom line is my j is to stand
Oct 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
blazer on a special occasion like election night. you always wear a red blazer. the anchor, the reports like me. >> what you were wearing when you got engaged. >> i remember exactly what i was wearing. an orange dress. we were at the beach. >> could he tell you what he was wearing? >> i think he doesn't remember. >> i bet he does. >> let's bet on it. >> i won. mike e-mailed me stating i remember exactly, jeans, a white shirt and black loafers. the fact is i remember just about everything in that moment. maybe it's not the actual items of clothing but instead the precious memories we hold so dear. >> do you remember your favorite childhood outfit? >> it was always the navy blazer. my father or stepfather at the time would take me out. we would tryon blazers and get it fitted and go to dinner. it was the time together with my dad and stepfather. it was tradition. >> i remember the 9th grade danceweari dance wearing a huge pink dress. we didn't have a lot of money but my dad said he would buy me a dress to go to the dance. the dress didn't hold up fashion-wise but the memory does. >> i do
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6